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The FRESH Teacher Workshops"

Join Dr. Stephanie Boyce, and The Fresh ClassroomTM for their upcoming Teacher Workshop.

This high-energy, interactive, teacher training is where they teach practical strategies to empower teachers to create lessons that are F.R.E.S.H (Fun, Relevant, Engaging, Standards-Based, and Higher Order) for all students. 

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The FRESH Classroom COURSE

Are you ready to GET FRESH and take your classroom up a notch? This self-paced Course will help you with:

  • Foundations: What is culturally responsive teaching and why should you care?
  • Fun: How can I make my lessons more fun?
  • Relevant: How do I make my lessons more relevant to students?
  • Engaging: How do I up the engagement of my students?
  • Standards-Based: How do I ensure my lessons remain standards-based?
  • Higher Order: How do I push my lessons to higher levels for ALL students?

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The FRESH Classroom BOOK

In The FRESH Classroom: Why Culturally Relevant Education Can’t Wait!, Dr. Stephanie Boyce shares personal stories to help educators unpack opportunities for applying culturally relevant education in their classrooms.

She offers field-proven practical strategies and evidence-based theories that empower educators to more authentically engage and become inclusive of ALL students in their classrooms.

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