“We Help Teachers Create F.R.E.S.H. Classrooms That Increase Student Engagement and Academic Outcomes.”


Bring Dr. Stephanie Boyce, and The Fresh ClassroomTM to your campus for your next professional development day, and see why 98% of educators would recommend this PD to a colleague. In this high-energy, interactive, teacher training teachers learn practical strategies to create classrooms that are F.R.E.S.H (Fun, Relevant, Engaging, Standards-Based, and Higher Order) for all students.

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"In Just 6 Hours...You can Discover How to Create a F.R.E.S.H. Classroom That Improves Your Students' Academics, Attitude, and Attendance... while earning 6 hours of CPE Teacher Credits."

Join Dr. Stephanie Boyce, and The Fresh ClassroomTM for their upcoming Teacher Workshop. This high-energy, interactive, teacher training is where they teach practical strategies to empower teachers to create lessons that are F.R.E.S.H (Fun, Relevant, Engaging, Standards-Based, and Higher Order) for all students. 

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"This training was absolutely phenomenal! Dr. Boyce tailored the content based on the specific needs of my staff. Topics included cultural sensitivity, equality vs. equity, examining unconscious biases, learning about the importance of inclusion, and broadening cultural competence.

The training lasted 4 hours, but the time flew by. Definitely a 10/10!

-Jaunee Perry, Principal, Klein, TX


"After attending this Teacher Training, I feel like a better human."

 Sandra Barrios, Principal, Dallas, TX

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“Principals, we come to your school to make PD FRESH, so you don’t have to!”


Learn how to increase STUDENT ENGAGEMENT


Learn how to decrease TEACHER BURNOUT 





Are you Ready to Get FRESH?

Participants walk away with strategies they can implement immediately, and leave inspired to make their classrooms FRESH for all students:

What we cover:

  • Why we need a FRESH Approach (what does the data tell us)
  • What is the FRESH Approach and what is Culturally Responsive Education
  • How we make our classrooms FRESHer tomorrow
  • What does this FRESH Approach look like in action (examples from the field)

“The FRESH training is one of the top professional development workshops in the country for teachers. Your teachers will be challenged and inspired to go the extra mile for ALL students!”

-Norman Jones, Principal, Houston, TX

“Thank you Dr. Stephanie Boyce & FRESH Classroom for stretching and challenging HES to learn more about our students, their culture and our community as we employ meaningful impactful instructional practices.”

-Edwina West-Dukes, Principal, Keller, TX