"Turn Your Skillset, Passion, and Expertise Into a


...That You Can Build From the Comfort of Your Home While Working Full-Time as an Educator"


"I built a Six-Figure Educational Business, and I want to show you how to build yours!"


Hi, Im Dr. Stephanie Boyce, and I’m just like you...

I was a teacher, instructional coach, AP, then Principal who had experienced my fair share of professional development. 

The truth was...

...I had discovered an instructional approach that really worked with the students that I served, and I was burning to share it with other educators.

Despite the successes I’d had for years, I was still, low-key, afraid to start my business and put myself out there.

I was you...

...but do you know what’s on the other side of that fear?

Your next level.

I want to help you save time on the journey from here to your first six-figures.

Join me and my Edupreneur friends, virtually, on June 15th to learn the roadmap to build your six-figure educational business.

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The Fresh Edupreneur Virtual Conference is for:

  • Educators who are ready to monetize their services or products and build a business that generates extra monthly income.
  • Educators who are ready to overcome the fears and limiting beliefs associated with starting a business from scratch with no business background.
  • Educators who want a blueprint, so they don’t have to go at it alone.
  • Educators who want to avoid costly mistakes that cost them thousands.
  • Educators who don’t have time to engage in hours and hours of research to figure things out.

FRESH Entrepreneurs walk away from the conference with a blueprint rooted in our 4 M’s:





Have an educational product or service you'd like to take from an idea to a reality?

Join our CEO, Dr. Stephanie Boyce, for this Virtual Conference that will walk you through doing just that... while avoiding the pitfalls she experienced along the way!


10 Reasons You Should Enroll in the June 15th Virtual Conference

  1. Save time and money with a proven road map taking you from where you are to the money you deserve
  2. Overcome the limiting beliefs that are keeping you from monetizing your knowledge and skills
  3. Learn systems of automation that will help you build with ease
  4. Acquire the CPA-certified blueprint to ensure your money matters are legit
  5. Hear from successful edupreneurs and ask your burning questions
  6. Craft a brand identity that is authentically you
  7. Ignite the passion you have for that one thing that always fires you up, and prepare to share it with the world!
  8. Get paid for the expertise you have acquired over the years
  9. Gain access to a vibrant community of FRESH edupreneurs
  10. Qualify for continued support with Dr. Boyce as you grow your brand
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